Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pick yourself up

Tuesday's practice was kind of a bust. Right at the beginning I pulled a quad muscle and spent at least half of practice on the floor stretching. I could still skate, but there was a sharp tearing pain deep in my upper thigh... and we were practicing some stuff that didn't touch it, then we practiced locking wheels, avoiding locking wheels, and falling when our wheels were locked; those actions dug in that muscle, lifting my leg/skate over and over, and getting up from falling...

Rest Ice Compression Elevation... I usually work through pain or stretch it out, but was told to put the frozen pea bag on at practice. It doesn't feel like it helps other than to numb it... I'm not sure what is best still, because when I got home (after eating a large salad and some baked chicken) I put a warm thing** on my thigh and it felt better, like the muscle was relaxing. And I relaxed, and went to sleep.

I was sad next practice was the following Tuesday, but now I'm ok with it...

About every 2 weeks I re-shuffle music on my (ipod) shuffle for workouts, take off songs I skipped, download any new music I've been craving. I just added The Redwood Plan, I loved them live, but am not sure how it will translate to workout. They sound like good roller derby songs too.

"P-P-P-Push! Sh-Sh-Sh-Shove! N-N-N-No need to be afraid to come undone!"
"Pick yourself up! Pick yourself up! Yeah! O-O-O-One more time! Yeah! Bring it on! Bring-Bring it on! Tear it down!"

I could go on singing along, but I got to do dishes. (Don't tell but it's been over a week, and gross.)

**I sewed a dishtowel into a long flat tube (20 by 6 inches) and filled with rice and lavender. I used it for my back after whiplash (microwaved), my butt after the first couple practices (frozen), and now my thigh. It's Awesome and everyone should have one!

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