Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Freeze Tag

Second derby practice down and I kinda feel like my insides are mashed... but I'm not sure what... there is all over ache in my rear from landing on it (even in crash pants) with an extra sore spot where my left butt bone sits, all my thigh muscles are sore- hurts to change gears when driving(!) and a general back/shoulders muscle tightness probably from stress and tensing up when I fall.

On the other hand, I sweated to soaking at practice and totally enjoyed learning how to fall on my knees and trust the gear. My favorite thing was Freeze tag at the end of practice, there were 3 people that were "it" and to unfreeze a skater you had to crawl under their legs (there was no freezing a skater who was under someone else). I totally forgot about pads and falling and had a good time skating and dropping to the floor to crawl under frozen team mates.

I found a sort of silly looking tutorial series on youtube How to Play Roller Derby. I'm totally going to practice this tonight at the gym, in the class exercise room.

Yeah- I'm still going to the gym, tonight will be the 3rd time this week. WooHoo! I bribe myself with a spoon of peanut butter, frozen yogurt, or not setting an alarm- make it through this workout and you can sleep 11 hours! Those don't always work, but they are coveted!

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  1. Hi there Katie! I really enjoyed reading your blog. I woke up because I couldn't sleep (very unusual for me) and then saw your email with the link to your blog. I thought, ''Wow! A blog! I'll read a little then go back to bed.'' But I couldn't stop and before I knew it, I had arrived at the first entry. You're awesome, but you already knew that! Love your stories, love how much I relate to you on diet and exercise and life in general. So happy to hear about Jessika's wedding. Sounds lovely! Love you and happy new year my beautiful friend, Laura