Saturday, August 29, 2009

new girls, new skates!

We just had a new skater orientation Thursday, 18 new girls signed up. I'm kind of freaked out about it. Last month we had 28, maybe 20 at each each practice... We are now a tribe of 46! (And we practice in a little gym!)
I really liked being new and being new with a small group of new girls. Now I'm going to be in the masses of new. Being a beginning skater I'm quiet, try to stay small, unnoticed, and vertical... It's going to be a struggle to speak up and let that group get to know me. The more people are around me, the more I introvert.

AND I bought my skates!! I had done all that research on prices, I knew the 2 skates that were better than "cheap", but still on the low end (under $200). I went and tried on the boots and got the Rebels!

I wore them at work (30 minutes) to get used to them. I'm going to wear them Sunday (at the gym), and Monday night I'm meeting up with some teammates at Skate King for a gay skate night!

This week I was bad with dieting and going to the gym. I know it's temporary and because I was busy and sore; I did eat lots of vegetables (no sauces) but I also ate carbs (chips, pretzels, cereal, popcorn) without measuring, and craved chocolate every day. (I didn't put it together until later, but I also broke out bad this week.) Today my period started and hopefully that was the cause... I'm blaming it either way.

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