Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"get-in-there-and-do-it attitude"

Practice was awesome. Some of the girls* are scrimmaging another team Sunday so were were split into advanced (ready to scrimmage) and new (not all as "new" as me) chicks for most of practice. We ran basic drills, and I loved it!! I wish I was steadier, I wish was faster, and I really want to be able to stop without taking half a lap or a knee...

BUT I love whips, I'm getting more comfortable skating inches from other people, and I seriously LOVE HITTING!

We did practice hits (shoulder checking other players) last week, this week the scrimmage girls were hitting a padded board to fine tune their hitting, before they started hitting each other. And the new chicks wanted to try it. I liked that I hadn't fallen yet and was happy to watch... but good old coach yelled for me try, and I'm glad he did!!

It was awesome. It was good, hard, I kept my eyes open, and bonus- I didn't fall!

With a properly inflated ego we went on to skate some skill drills and I failed! It's only my 4th practice, so I'm sure I'll improve, but I totally struggle and I hate it. I don't usually do things I'm not good at, at least not in front of people...

One more thing!! After last Thursday's practice: "I'm giving the Fresh Meat MVS to Katy for her pluckiness and her awesome get-in-there-and-do-it attitude." Doc Diz (co-coach to Tyfoyed)

girls=women, ladies, beeyotches, it's just easier yo!

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