Wednesday, August 19, 2009

"How far along are you?"

I just got home from the pharmacy where a man had been playing with one of those rolling walkers with a seat, running in circles, and I smiled at him- thus opening the talk-to-stranger's-door. And he asked me how far along I am. I shrugged and said "I'm not."

He said he was sorry and I admitted my clothes were very pregnant like (baggy especially in the tummy area) and told him I'd lost some weight and refuse to buy more clothes yet... but I just joined roller derby and will need to get a derby wardrobe.

He called his wife over to tell her of his huge faux pas, she said I should hit him. We talked about derby and that violence is a small part- there is also a sisterhood camaraderie, a workout that's not boring, and scars are sexy.

About wardrobe... I'm going to try to sew some derby skirts (just long enough to cover the ruffled underwear) in a few weeks, but I'll need to buy some shorts, tights, and cheap leggings. As the weather cools, fall and Halloween clothes (stripes and fishnets!) will go on sale. :-)

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