Saturday, August 22, 2009

farty bars

I love Fiber One bars, but they have been re-named farty bars in my life. They make me gassy about 5-8 hours after eating them. I don't eat them any time near derby practice- I would die, probably laughing and farting, but I would die if I was skating and fell and farted in front of the team.

I just started taking acidophilus when I eat something that I know makes me farty (chili or milk products) and it seems to help make me not farty. I need to try it with the farty bars because they are great for meals on the go- add a fruit, maybe some low fat cheese... breakfast in the car!

For the past few weeks I have only been eating Fiber One bars on weekends- since there's no one around in the middle of the night, I'm free to be... I need to remember to bring an acidophilus and a farty bar with me tomorrow and test the two together.

Other diet friendly things I love right now: dental floss (I floss when I feel like eating but I'm not hungry- oral fixation sort of thing); Trader Joe's has dry roasted nuts with 50% of the salt (not too salty, and not roasted in extra oil); frozen berries- they go in cereal, yogurt, jello, etc; and No Pudge Fudge Brownies- I make them one serving at a time (because I have no control).

I spent about 4 1/2 hours helping sort/ price/ stack items for the Tilted Thunder yard sale Friday. I'm sad to miss the actual Yard Sale Saturday, but I'm going to sleep all day and have a fun evening at the Seahawks game.

**Update 8/23/2009** The farty bars are a lot less farty with an acidophilus pill.


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