Sunday, August 23, 2009

"continue your current managment"

Last Monday I saw my doc for tests (blood urine and a follow-up on my bacterial vaginosis-tmi?!). I yelled at him for suggesting I'm going to die young- because I don't want to talk to a nutritionist- because I overwhelm easy when it comes to change- and this was the second time I had seen him (in less than a month) and he was talking to me like I'm a fat slob that eats candy all day- and I'm not, and I have been making positive changes, slowly, and when I run out of knowledge, knowing what I should be doing and need to ask for help- I will!

Anyways... the results arrived via mail and I put off opening them until watching "Royal Pains" online just now. If he had called me to tell me the results I would have told him to suck it!

Well... actually I still have too much bacteria and now am prescribed a topical (inserted via applicator like monistat) anti-bacterial. But the hbA1c, protein, etc. is good/normal/negative. And he wants me to continue my current management. Hell yeah he does!

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